I had a reply from Tuvya Zaretsky. It reads as follows:

Tuvya Zaretsky
11:11 PM (9 hours ago)

 Recieved 3/9/2013
to me
Dear Mr. Hayworth,
Thank you for explaining that you sought and acquired my email address from a public web-site. However, now I ask that you remove this email address from all further communications of this nature.
The Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism is a network for Jewish evangelism. From time to time various members propose important missiological or theological subjects for consideration at network gatherings. A petition of this nature would be noticed, but it is up to others to pursue further discussion.
Tuvya Zaretsky




I replied this morning as follows:


Salvador Ung Hayworth <msindisi@gmail.com>
8:23 AM (6 minutes ago)

to Tuvya
Dear Tuvya,

Thank you for this. I am a little encouraged by your response but I would also like to challenge you also to raise the issue concerning the definition of the body of Christ. Just quickly let me quote your fellow LCJE member, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, concerning the Roman Catholic Church as he expounds Rev 2:18-29:
“In verses 22-23, there is a description of the judgment of Jezebel. In verse 22, the woman is to be cast into the Great Tribulation. This means that unlike the true Church, the Roman Catholic Church will go into the Great Tribulation and will play a role during that time… For now it is enough to note that as part of her judgment, the Roman Catholic Church will be cast into the tribulation period… In verse 23, the children of Jezebel, that is the adherents of the Roman Catholic Church, will suffer physical violence and death as part of God’s judgment on Jezebel.”
He lists the ten false doctrines of the RCC as:
Justification by works,
Baptismal Regeneration,
Worship of images,
Mariolatry.  (Fruchtenbaum, Arnold (2004) The Footsteps of the Messiah Tustin CA: Ariel Ministries).
I am not in a discernment ministry. I am a missionary among Zulu people. I preach the gospel and I teach the word. As a missionary, and as you would also appreciate, I have the conviction that evangelism cannot be divorced from discipleship and that the two things are two sides of the same coin, which is building up God’s house. Therefore these are no minor differences and thus they affect the eternal standing and destiny of millions of souls. Therefore I urge you to consider raising this issue up yourself along with all in LCJE who would share Arnold’s convictions. I will pray for all who do so and support any notion of separation from the ecumenical enterprise. I will also respect your request and refrain from adding your email address to these circulars.
Shalom in Yeshua.