Open Letter To David Sedaca And The Leadership of LCJE

Open letter to David Sedaca and the leadership of LCJE,

Greetings in Yeshua, our only saviour, mediator, redeemer and Lord. Greetings in Him whose once for all sacrifice can never be presented again and whose finished work on the cross was sufficient and complete. I am writing to you to express concern at what strongly and plainly appears to be the promotion and encouragement, the condoning of ecumenism which has been denied by David Sedaca but is clearly evident in the following correspondence.

I first wrote to David Sedaca on the 1st October, 2011 expressing concern at a couple of his reports that I had read on the LCJE bulletins. He was especially positive and recommendatory of an ecumenical meeting that he attended in Buenos Aires. My original email to him is as follows…


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Salvador Ung Hayworth <>
Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 12:53 AM
Subject: A question concerning your articles in LCJE magazines
To: “David Sedaca>

Dear David Sedaca,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Yeshua, our only Lord and Saviour.

I am writing after reading a couple of your reports on the LCJE newsletter feb editions for this year and I believe two years ago, 2009 where you spoke of a couple of ecumenical meetings, one more ecumenical than the other. You praised the “importance” of such an event and seemed in the last February article to be promoting such unions between evangelical Christian groups and with the Roman Catholic clergy if not roman Catholicism. As you can see by my first name, I have Portuguese background, that is on my mothers side, and I can strongly and securely assert that the Roman Catholic gospel is another gospel. The dogmas of the mass, which is tantamount to idolatry as the mass is to be worshipped according to the teachings of the church, the prayers to dead saints, the rosary with it’s prayers to Mary, the pope’s present familial relationships with other religious groups plus the last pope’s acknowledgement of the legitimacy of other faiths, both the last popes and the present popes veneration of Mary and assertions of her active role as co redeemer and co mediator with Christ, their stance of antagonism against the assurance of salvation which they regard as the sin of presumption,  their view that a single man can assume the place of Jesus Christ of earth and many other things baffles me as to how you can so happily promote fellowship and participation with the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church who stand there representing their false religion without a distancing of those false doctrines. I believe that we should not split hairs over minor doctrines that do not affect ones salvation, such as when is ones view of the rapture, are tongues for today, etc but I am sure that you are aware that if one preaches a different gospel he is to be accursed and any believer who is an unrepentant idolator is to be excommunicated from the church. So why was a roman catholic clergy man who would be well versed in the doctrine of transubstantiation which is ‘idolatry in the name of Christ’ be celebrated in his participation of the ecumenical meeting? Did he distance himself from the Vatican stating that he is not in accord with the dogmas of Rome that I have highlighted? Is he fighting against his own church concerning those essential doctrines that Rome contradicts of our faith? Is this man denying the idea of the pope being the vicar of Christ and forbidding prayers to the dead in the catholic churches. I do not think so or the Catholic Church would have defrocked him. Even if he had publically rejected catholic heresy I find it strange that you did not try to distance yourself from the ecumenical movement and state that you do not accept roman Catholicism as a genuine and biblical form of Christianity. Such unity is not that which Jesus prayed for when He prayed for those who would believe through the apostles’ word. Thus true unity can only come when we hold to apostolic truth as contained in the new testament scriptures and not through compromise with proponents of a different gospel. I am much grieved by such ties. It is as if churches that were so pure have fallen down with the best. We need to have both love and truth and may our love abound between ourselves, but not at the expense of biblical truth. Please my brother make a stand against the ecumenical movement. Make a stand against unity with the church of Rome. Make a clear stand such as our brother Arnold Fruchtenbaum makes that the Roman Catholic Church is a false church and it’s doctrines are unbiblical.

I urge you in the name and love of Christ to publically refute ecumenicism with Roman Catholic clergy and churches and to promote biblical unity among evangelicals.

Y’varechechah Adonai baShem Yeshua

Salvador Ung Hayworth


David Sedaca did not extend me the courtesy of a reply to questions that were asked in all sincerity. Therefore I emailed him again but this time with a small number of witnesses. That email was as follows…


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:18 AM, Salvador Ung Hayworth <> wrote:
Dear David Sedaca.
Greetings in the name of our Lord Yeshua,
I write concerning an email I sent you on Sat October the 1st of this year. I had concerns about your reports in the LCJE reports that I have been reading. I did not want to press you for a quick response as I am sure that you are busy. However, I would have thought that by now I would have had a response from yourself. I hope it was an error of your email provider which possibly placed my email to you in the spam box. However, I resend the email with other people as recipients to be witnesses that I have tried to contact you and ask you concerning this issue as I am eager to hear from you. I also included a few people in LCJE to be in on this correspondence too. I wish to know your view on ecumenical unity and whether you will relent and will state on the next issue of the LCJE newsletter that you are not into ecumenical unity with the Roman Catholic Church OR clergy and that you did not mean to portray this in your reports. Please read the email I have posted below for your fresh perusal.
I eagerly await your response.
In Yeshua,
Salvador Ung Hayworth


This time David Sedaca did extend the courtesy of a response but denied that he had ever promoted ecumenism in any form. This led me to think that I had contacted the wrong David Sedaca for it was very clear from David Sedaca’s report in Bulletin 95 that we was promoting an ecumenical meeting. David Sedaca’s response is as follows…


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 2:16 PM, David Sedaca <> wrote:
Dear Salvador,
You are probably mistaken, as I do not recall ever having written any reports arguing or promoting ecumenism in any shape or form. Are you sure you are addressing your concerns to the right person?


Thinking that surely it was impossible to have two David Sedaca’s in the same ministry, ‘chosen people ministries’ but not wanting to call Mr David Sedaca a liar I took him at his word and responded with the following email:


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Salvador Ung Hayworth <> wrote:
Sorry David,
I presumed you were the David Sedeca of Chosen People Ministries who had the following email address…, Latin American Coordinator of LCJE. I post the other email address above so that my questions may be answered.
I this time attach a copy of the main problematic report within the LCJE Bulletin Issue 95, Feb 2009. The pages that glorify an ecumenical meeting and in the context of ecumenical unity with Roman Catholic Clergy this indicating the “unity that comes through Jesus”? are Pages 13-14 and I quote:
“An ecumenical gathering
The first was an ecumenical gathering organized by the Messianic Jewish community of Buenos Aires on October 20, 2008.

The event took place at the “Beit Sar Shalom Center,” and the main speakers were the Roman Catholic Archbishop, Monsignor
Luis Alberto Rivas of Saint

Joseph Basilica…
Monsignor Rivas opened, speaking on the topic of “The Eternal Hope For All Believers.”…

In addition to the importance of having such a high ranking Archbishop of the Catholic Church…
The event was reported by the secular media and was attended by the major news agencies, who reported on the significance of having

Catholics, evangelicals, and Messianic Jews coming together celebrating with choirs and music the unity that comes through Jesus.”

As you can see this “Annual Report 2008 for LCJE Latin America” By David Sedaca, LCJE coordinator for Latin America, of Chosen People is promoting ecumenism with Roman Catholic Officials as important and speaking of our unity in Messiah. I hope that an LCJE conference in Latin America will not follow suite. Nothing was said that such ecumenism is a betrayal of our Lord Yeshua. I only ask if the other David Sedaca of chosen people ministries can answer my questions especially concerning for the fact that in LCJE Bulletin issue 103, Feb 2011(page 4) he is still calling for unity and building bridges and not walls, which when compared to the 2008 report would indicate an inclusion ecumenical unity with Roman Catholic clergy. Have I missed something? Have I missed a report where David Sedaca has highlighted the need to refrain from ecumenical unity with Roman Catholic churches and from Roman Catholic Clergy representing the Roman Catholic Church? 

David Sedaca’s answers will be very much appreciated in this regard.

May Adonai richly bless you,

Salvador Ung Hayworth

David Sedaca, in his following email denied that this was a promotion of ecumenism and responded as follows…


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:26 PM, David Sedaca <> wrote:
I reported what the Beit Sar Shalom in Argentina did. We have no opinion neither any saying in th the of programs that an indigenous ministry in Argentina does. I reported, I neitherr condone nor condem. This is the end of the story. For further inquiries write to the editor of the LCJE
David Sedaca

I believe it is evident that David Sedaca was not being honest with his reporting and was being evasive and because of this I sent him the last personal correspondence with more people listed as recipients to act as witnesses, which reads as follows:


From: Salvador Ung Hayworth []
Sent: 26 October 2011 12:31 PM
To: David Sedaca; Kai Kjaer-Hanson Cc: Arnold Fruchtenbaum; Mark van Niekerk; Moriel Bloemfontein; Knut Hoyland; Alan MacKenzie; Perry Trotter; Jacob Prasch; mike oppenheimer; Al Dagger; Deborah Dembroski; Light For The Last Days; Discernment Ministries – Jewel Grewe; Jackie Alnor; jackie alnor; James Sundquist; bob mitchell; Carol Campion; Nigel Nicholson; Sally Oppliger; Philip Powell; CLAUDE T. STAUFFER; Geoff Toole; john higgins
Subject: Re: A question concerning your articles in LCJE magazines
Dear David Sedeca and Kai Kjaer-Hanson,
I greet you in the wonderful name of our Messiah and Saviour Yeshua.
I write again concerning all of the information written below in the various emails below. I praise the fact that more evangelical believers are seeing the need to have a more positive and proactive participation regarding the evangelisation of Jewish people. I strongly and wholeheartedly condemn replacement theology. It is a most wicked heresy. The subject of Israel’s election is one of my passions, though not displacing my passion for Yeshua Himself nor the great commission to all nations. I applaud the contribution LCJE and its affiliates have made towards this end, and yet I have been troubled concerning what I see as the recommendation of Ecumenism in the LCJE Bulletin. I saw no warning of the automatic danger of working alongside Roman Catholic Clergy or Roman Catholic Churches but rather the praising of such initiatives even going so far as to hoping that LCJE would have their own conference in this vein in Latin America in the near future. This report to all intents and purposes was condoning an ecumenical meeting.
David Sedeca, you wrote that you were merely reporting on an ecumenical meeting not condoning or condemning it. Yet to the contrary your report did not remain neutral for one cannot be neutral on such an issue. You either acknowledge the ligitmacy of such an ecumenical meeting with a Roman Catholic Official as key speaker or you reject such a meeting as not maintaining the unity that is to be found in the Biblical Jesus but maintaining instead a false unity that brings evangelicals together with those who represent a church of idolatry (in the mass and in the veneration of images), of necromancy (with prayers to the dead), of a false gospel (that believes in Mary as co-mediator and co-redemptress with Christ), and the list can go on. In Rev 2:20 Jesus has this against the Church of Thyatira, that she tolerated the woman Jezebel, who called herself a prophetess, and she taught and led Yeshua’s bondservants astray so that they committed immorality and ate things sacrificed to idols. You should not even tolerate such meetings but instead you spoke in glowing terms of such a meeting saying that it was important to have such a high ranking archbishop in the Roman Catholic Church participating and you said of such a meeting of “Catholics, evangelicals, and Messianic Jews coming together celebrating with choirs and music the unity that comes through Jesus.”
As you you know, the WCC, LCWE and the LCJE are intimately involved with each other. Two of the three groups are openly ecumenical with Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, addressing the 3rd LCWE. He said to the 3rd LCWE in Cape Town 17 Oct 2010 that he was honoured to be there with a delegation from the World Council of Churches and to greet them on behalf of this global fellowship of Orthodox, Protestant, Old Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal member churches. Mr Kjaer-Hanson, it is of the LCWE that LCJE grants it is highest recommendation and count themselves as part of the Lausanne family. My brothers, WCC and LCWE has started and rapidly continues into the depths of compromise with ecumenical unity which is not Christ’s unity but a unity that is demonically inspired.
Mr Sedaca and Mr Kjaer-Hanson, I beg you not to speak of such ecumenical meetings with such favour. Please answer me that LCJE will not get involved with any unity or partnership with Roman Catholic Churches or Officials representing that false religion. Please answer me that David Sedaca will put out a public statement of apology for giving the impression that he promotes ecumenical gatherings with Roman Catholic Officials and that LCJE promises it will never entertain, endorse or participate with Roman Catholic Officials or churches in such meetings or in evangelism. As I wrote in a previous email, see below, if it was a minor doctrinal difference such as the timing of the rapture or whether tongues are for today etc there would be no need for me to write. But Roman Catholic Officials represent a Church that preaches a false gospel and Paul writes in Galatians that all who preach a different gospel are to be accursed.
I have included some more people of trustworthy ministries that I respect to witness our correspondence to one another. You cannot see my heart through an email, God does. I send you this email with all sincerity of heart in the truth of the Gospel and of concern for people that would be lead into ecumenical compromise through reports or writings that promote such ecumenical gatherings.
I await your further response.
Shalom baShem Yeshua,
Salvador Ung Hayworth. 


In light of this email correspondence with Mr Sedaca, I appeal to the leaders of LCJE in the holy name of Jesus, our only saviour, our only redeemer, our only mediator, the only one whom we should pray through, if you fear the Lord and honour His word and the purity of His gospel, I appeal to you to turn from promoting such ecumenical meetings, to make a stand against it and to give your readers guarantees that LCJE will not participate in partnerships or meetings that bring evangelical churches together with catholic churches or the clergies that represent those churches. Yes, reach Catholics and turn them away from the veneration of Mary, from praying the rosary, from praying to dead saints, from the idolatry of the mass. But please do not tolerate the woman Jezebel as if this demonstrates the unity that Messiah brings! Should we take Christ’s members and join them with harlots?! Rather we should come of from them and be separate says Adonai. Then Adonai will receive us and we will be sons and daughters to Him and He will be a Father to us.

I look forward to your response. Although this is an open letter, and I will be publicly posting it on the Internet, I give you assurances that I will also circulate and publicly post your response to me.

May the Lord guide us into all the truth,

Shalom baShem Yeshua

Salvador Ung Hayworth


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